Jon & Bobby Costanzo

Dickie Bakalyan

Judy Baldwin, Jon & Dick Gautier

Jon, two friends, Richard Portnow (far right) & Terry Rossio (bottom. Co-writer of Aladdin, Shrek, Pirates of the Caribbean I, II & III)

At Frank Zappa’s “Joe’s Garage”
Jon, Elizabeth Pan, Pamela Des Barres &

Carmine Caridi & Dickie Bakalyan

Left to right: Richard Bakalyan (Chinatown, The St. Valentine's Day Massacre, Von Ryan's Express, The Greatest Story Ever Told, Robin & The 7 Hoods), Richard Portnow (Find Me Guilty, Good Morning Vietnam, Father Of The Bride, Havana, Sister Act, Kindergarten Cop, Howard Stern's Private Parts, Barton Fink, Se7en, Twins, Tin Men), Judy Baldwin (Pretty Woman, Princess Diaries II, Beaches, Scarface, Exit To Eden, Stepford Wives - the original), Robert Miano (Dungeons & Dragons, Executive Target, Donnie Brasco), Jon D'Amore, John Phillip Law (The Cassandra Crossing, The Spiral Staircase, The Golden Voyage Of Sinbad, Barbarella), Jennifer Laske (Haiku Tunnel), Willie Carpenter (The Insider, Men In Black, Grand Canyon).

Jon’s 8 friends at this table have appeared in more than 500 movies (some of Jon’s favorites) and 600 TV shows.

Left to right: Johnny Capodice (Enemy Of The State, Independence Day,Wall Street, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective), Bobby Costanzo (City Slickers, Die Hard 2, Dick Tracy, Total Recall), Jon D'Amore, Charlie Guardino (The Princess Diaries 1 & 2, Love And A Bullet, The Idolmaker), Carmine Caridi (Bugsy, The Godfather II & III, Havana, The Money Pit, The In-Laws, Prince Of The City), Dickie Bakalyan (Von Ryan’s Express, None But The Brave, Robin & The 7 Hoods, The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, Chinatown…he’s the guy that shoots Faye Dunaway), Michael Gregory (Eraser, Total Recall, The Lawnmower Man, RoboCop, Beverly Hills Cop), Richard Portnow (Find Me Guilty, Howard Stern’s Private Parts, Sister Act, Father Of The Bride, Barton Fink, Kindergarten Cop, Twins, Good Morning Vietnam), Joey DePinto (Batman Returns, Ruby, Casino…he’s the guy Joe Pesci stabs with the pen)

Jon & Richard Portnow

Jon & Charlie Guardino - 2005

John Phillip Law & Jon – 2005

Stephanie Olney & Jon - Oscar Night 2002

James Mathers, Jon & Robert Miano - 2005

Jon & Chris Carter

Kip Brown, Pamela DesBarres &
Jon at Pamela's birthday party

Jon, Carmine Caridi & Michael Gregory

Bobby Costanzo, Jon & Charlie Guardino

Jon, Chris Carter & Kip Brown on KLOS-FM’s Breakfast With The Beatles show

Jon & Richard Portnow

Robert Miano & Jon

Jon & Dominic Chianese
Jon & Dominic Chianese (also known as Johnny Ola from The Godfather II, and Uncle Junior on The Sopranos)

The Polo Lounge

Bill Mitchell, Jon, Elizabeth Pan & Tom Symczak after "Joe's Garage" - February, 2009

Jon, Gail Borges & Brad Raymond after the Rubdown Reading – 2007

Documentary producer Ashley Rogers,
Jon and actress Kimbra Westervelt

Jeremy Oliver – The Best!

Jon & Jennifer Laske - December, 2005

Judy Baldwin's Birthday with actors
Gail Borges, Willie Carpenter & Dyan Cannon

Jon & Miranda Kwok after the
Rubdown Reading – 2007

Jon, Pepe, Jeremy and (seated) Joey DePinto (the actor Joe Pesci stabs in the neck with
a pen in Casino)


Jon & Tim Bogert – Bassist for the Vanilla Fudge,
Cactus and Beck, Bogert & Appice

Recording at The Sound Hut

Jon recording... The Daily Planet, NYC

Jon at the piano

Jon & Robbie Watson In Concert

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