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Born and raised in Hudson Country, New Jersey during the historic eras of the 1950s, 60s & 70s, and only a few miles from midtown Manhattan, Jon D’Amore was consumed by entertainment, education, and a culture few will ever again experience.

Starting guitar lessons at an early age, Jon went on to perform on the road and as a studio musician. During that time, he wrote a music column for a northern Jersey newspaper, dabbled in songwriting and as a novelist.

By the mid-1980s, he stepped into the corporate world using the skills of a stage performer and writer to achieve levels his superiors said he could never reach…but did. Thirteen years later, Jon realized he didn’t want to grow up to be like the people he was working for…so after telling the Senior Vice President exactly where to put the company-owned laptop and expense account, Jon went to Los Angeles to spend 18 months writing his memoir, The Boss Always Sits In The Back.

It didn’t take long before he learned, “L.A. is to screenplays as Manhattan is to book publishing.” So instead of returning to the east coast with hopes of getting his book published, Jon learned to write and edit screenplays, and stayed in the land of sun, surf and high gas prices…though always hoping to someday see The Boss published.

That day came in May, 2012, followed by a run of good fortune that lasted more than four years with coast-to-coast book readings and signings, print and radio interviews, and TV appearances.

Wanting to give The Boss fans a follow-up of the same genre, Jon felt Deadfellas, a screenplay he co-wrote with Steve Barr, would make an entertaining book with a satirical turn to The Boss by bringing together everyone’s fascination with the Mafia…and the popular world of zombies.

When asked why he chose his next book to be Deadfellas, Jon responded, “I’ve never been happy living in the box others deemed to be the norm. So why would I start now?”